An End To Bathroom Awkwardness

byAlma Abell

Going to the bathroom is no one’s favorite activity, especially in public. No matter how clean they are, public restrooms are awkward, so people want to spend as little time in them as possible. Although there are few ways you can limit time in the bathroom, since it takes a certain amount of time to do your business no matter what, there is a way to cut a few precious seconds off that awkward restroom visit. Electric hand dryers speed up the process of getting you back out of the facilities by shaving time off the hygiene routine.


Not an Eyesore Anymore

Gone are the days of clunky hand dryers blowing pathetic puffs of lukewarm air over your dripping fingers. Today’s hand dryers feature technology that rapidly forces warm air across your hands – at speeds up to 225 MPH – to get your hands dry and ready to go in as little as twelve seconds. This doesn’t mean, however, that these dryers are cumbersome, dangerously hot, or aggravating energy-suckers. The designs of modern electric hand dryers are stunningly sleek, meaning they won’t clash with your bathroom volts.

Keep Your Cool

Despite the heat required to dry your hands, modern dryers manage to remain cool. Some dryers come with a technology which replaces hot motors and high-maintenance chemicals with a cold plasma generator. This keeps the dryer’s external temperature down to comfortable levels while still providing the warmth necessary to dry your hands quickly. As an added bonus, these cold plasma generators require no maintenance or upkeep, meaning your dryer will last longer and save you time and money.

Spending time in the restroom is uncomfortable, so it shouldn’t last longer than necessary. Modern electric hand dryers save time and energy for both you and your customers and employees, making a more pleasant experience for everyone.