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Afghanistan suicide bomb leaves seven Americans dead

Afghanistan suicide bomb leaves seven Americans dead

Thursday, December 31, 2009

A suicide bomber attacked an American base in the Khowst region on the Pakistani border of Afghanistan, leaving seven American CIA officers dead and six injured. No American or NATO military personnel were killed or injured in the attack on Forward Operating Base Chapman.

It appears that the suicide bomber, reportedly wearing an Afghan National Army uniform, blew himself up in either the gym or the dining facility of Base Chapman.

In a statement on the Voice of Jihad web page, the Taliban claimed responsiblity for the attack, alleging 20 “CIA employees” were killed in the incident.

The Chapman Base is a converted military base which is now being used for civilian reconstruction operations, although military personnel are still located on the base. Camp Salerno, the main base in the Khowst province, has been the target of many attacks in recent weeks.

Recent attacks have been focused on foreign civilians, such as an incident in October in which 7 foreign and 3 Afghan civilians were killed in an attack at a UN guest house. The CIA has not lost this many operatives in nearly 25 years and the last time CIA agents were killed was in 2003.

When Building A New Home

When Building a New Home



Building a home according to your will is a dream of a lifetime while both stressful and a daunting task. To ensure the success of your new home construction requires someone with a lot of experience in the field and also sufficient resources to get the construction of your dream home completed on time. In the UK the property market has enjoyed a rebound this year from the deepest economic crisis it has seen in decades.

The most important thing when you plan to build a new home is to keep track of your finances. Price out all the stuff your home needs. Make a list of everything in your house, such as appliances, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, heat pumps, countertops and anything you want in your new house. You should ensure that you find a company who will be right for you, someone who has experience, but is affordable and who can complete your project on time. Apart from the architect and the owner, one of the most important constituents is the builder in construction, renovation or structuring a new home project. The best home builders take care of the inside of your home as well as the outside and will be glad to give you the names and addresses of satisfied homeowners, for you to check previous work.

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You should stay involved in the building process and familiarize yourself with home construction terms. You will want to always be up to date on how construction is proceeding and know about fees and any extra costs that are associated with the home building. At certain stages of home building, you would be required to hire a home inspector, an architect or engineer to meet structural and safety codes and approve different home systems. Framing is the skeleton, basic structure of your home. A special engineer must be hired to draw the plans for the framing of your house. SearchMe4 is a local information and business directory that can help you find completely legal and professional builders, building engineers, consultants and contractors and various building control services.

For more information on Builders, visit our UK business directory

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Olympic highlights: August 21, 2008

Olympic highlights: August 21, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

August 21, 2008 is the 12th major day of the 2008 Olympic games. The below article lists some of the highlights.


  • 1 Events
    • 1.1 Women’s 20km walk
    • 1.2 Star class sailing
    • 1.3 Tornado class sailing
    • 1.4 Men’s marathon 10 km swimming
    • 1.5 Women’s beach volleyball
    • 1.6 Men’s 400 meters sprint
    • 1.7 Women’s 200m sprint
    • 1.8 Men’s Triple Jump
  • 2 Medal Table
  • 3 Sources

Olga Kaniskina, who represents Russia, has set a new Olympic record in the women’s 20km walk with her time of 1 hour and 36 minutes. After the race Kaniskina said that the weather did not affect the record.

“I think my regular training is the most important factor contributing to my victory,” she said, explaining the factors that she believes led her to victory.

Britons Iain Percy and Andy Simptson won the gold medal in the star class sailing event after a successful performance in the final round, which took place today. The pair started today in silver medal position, and gained one place in the final round to win the gold medal.

Spanish Fernando Echavarri and Anton Paz won an Olympic gold medal in Sailing’s fast Tornado catamaran class. Darren Bundock and Glenn Ashby from Australia finished in second place and the Argentinean pair of Santiago Lange and Carlos Espinola won the bronze medal.

Maarten van der Weijden, a long distance swimmer from the Netherlands, beat the favorites in the men’s marathon 10 km swimming event to secure the gold medal with a time of 1:51:51.6. David Davies, who was one of the favourites to win the gold medal, was overtaken by Weijden in the final 500 metres of the race.

Davies finished 1.5 seconds behind Weijden.

Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh won the Olympic gold medal for the United States in the women’s beach volleyball competition by winning every set in the final against the Chinese Tian Jia and Wang Jie.

Both sets were won 21-18.

American LaShawn Merritt won the final of the Men’s 400 meters in an event which saw all three of the medals going to the American team.

Jamaican Veronica Campbell-Brown won the gold medal in the final of the women’s 200m sprint with a time of 21.74 seconds.

Allyson Felix, the defending Olympic champion, who was representing United States, won the silver medal, with her time being approximately 0.2 seconds behind the time of the winner.

Nelson Evora won the men’s triple jump at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. Evora won the gold medal with a jump of 17.67 meters beating silver medalist Phillips Idowu of Great Britain by 5 centimeters (17.62 meters). Leevan Sanders of the Bahamas won the bronze medal with a triple jump of 17.59 meters. link Nelson Evora of Portugal Wins Men’s Triple Jump Gold Medal

Medal Count update

Wikinews Shorts: January 13, 2009

Wikinews Shorts: January 13, 2009

A compilation of brief news reports for Tuesday, January 13, 2009.


  • 1 Anti-government protests in Riga, Latvia cause riots
  • 2 Obama will close Guantanamo Bay in his first week say advisers
  • 3 Greek shipping magnate kidnapped in Athens
  • 4 Microsoft permits additional Windows 7 beta downloads
  • 5 Cristiano Ronaldo crowned Footballer of the Year
  • 6 Change of mind: Democrats accept Burris
  • 7 Obama inauguration to appear in Lego form

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Ford, Fiat to produce small cars together

Ford, Fiat to produce small cars together

Friday, September 9, 2005

Italian-based Fiat Auto SPA and US-based Ford Motor Co. announced they signed an agreement to cooperate in designing two small car models. This came only seven months after General Motors severed their relationship with Fiat.

Both companies plan to work together on a new version of the popular Fiat Cinquecento and on a replacement for the Ford Ka, both to be based on the Fiat Panda platform.

The cooperation can help reduce the companies’ small car production costs and ease financial difficulties they are facing. Ford is struggling with high labor and health care costs, while Fiat suffers from its unprofitable Italian plants.

After the deal was announced, shares of Fiat rose $0.06 to $9.44, while Ford gained $0.06 to $9.95 on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

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Jobs You Can Do Before Calling An Emergency Plumber: Leaking Toilets

Jobs you can do before calling an emergency plumber: Leaking toilets


Robert Weir

Given that they’re used numerous times a day in the average family home, you can’t afford to leave a toilet broken – which is usually where an emergency plumber is called out to sort the problem. However, if you’re confident in your DIY skills, there are some basic repairs you can carry out yourself – which may at least let you know what you’re dealing with and which plan of action may be the most appropriate.

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In most cases, there are three common causes of a leaking toilet – a cracked pan, damaged cistern or leaking overflow pipe. Each come with their own problems and you’ll need different skills for each – so if you’re in doubt, it’s always best to speak to a professional. If you’ve decided to attempt a fix yourself, your first step is to turn off the water supply and flush the toilet to empty it of any waste material. Next, take a good look at exactly where the leak is coming from. If it appears to be emanating from a crack in the toilet plan, you can carry out a temporary repair by filling in the crack or hole with a specialist putty, which your local DIY store will be able to advise on. However, in the long term, you’ll need to replace the whole pan, as patch up jobs will only last a short to medium period of time. On the other hand, the leak could be coming from the cistern. If this part of the toilet is damaged, you can again use putty as a temporary hole or crack-filling fix. Ultimately, though, you’ll need to replace the part – so you should already be thinking about this. Another common cause is a leaking overflow pipe – this may be more tricky to sort out, involving locating the crack and fixing the pipe. For many people, this may be the point where they need an emergency plumber – something which can be expensive if you haven’t got adequate insurance. Take out plumbing cover

and you’ll not only make sure the tradesman who’s called out is fully qualified and vetted, but also won’t have to worry about any nasty bill at the end of the work.

From a few pounds a month, you can enjoy the peace of mind that you’ll be covered, not just when your toilet leaks, but when other things go wrong with your plumbing. All toilets can develop cracks from time to time – but there’s no reason why this should mean that money has to leak from your family budget as a result.

Robert Weir is a writer and editor from Manchester, England. Having produced and revised copy for a number of home insurance institutions, he is highly experienced across a range of home insurance matters including

boiler cover


pest cover


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Michael Schumacher wakes up from coma

Michael Schumacher wakes up from coma

Friday, June 20, 2014

Seven-time Formula One champion Michael Schumacher has awoken from a medically induced coma and left the hospital in Grenoble, France. Schumacher was induced after suffering severe head trauma following a skiing accident in the French Alps, December last year.

Schumacher’s manager, Sabina Kehm, has chosen not to reveal any more information about his rehabilitation, at the University Hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland, due to concerns for his privacy.

“For the future we ask for understanding that his further rehabilitation will take place away from the public eye,” Kehm said.

The statement, released last Monday, was the first since April when it appeared that Schumacher had occasional moments of consciousness.

Rehabilitation from head trauma of this level could take months or years to complete according to Neurosurgeon Tony Belli, who spoke to the BBC. “It depends very much on the severity of the injury, how young and fit they are.” he said.

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Dogs rescue owner during diabetic attack

Dogs rescue owner during diabetic attack

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

In Centerton, Indiana a man is alive thanks to his 2 dogs.

Bill Burns was taking his nightly stroll with his dogs, Butch and Dusty, when he had a severe diabetic attack in a cornfield.

His dogs immediately reacted.

Morgan County sheriff’s Deputy, Steve Hoffman, was on a rural road just finishing with a traffic stop, when he noticed a light shining from a cornfield. “I noticed what appeared to be an illumination or a light that was flickering and facing my direction,” Hoffman said. When he got out of his car and walked to where he saw the light, he found Butch was holding a flashlight like he would a bone, in his mouth. Meanwhile, Dusty had stretched himself across Mr. Burns to try and keep him warm.

Hoffman said he then noticed that Mr. Burns was wearing a diabetic medical bracelet and immediately took him to the hospital.

Burns says that he does not remember the ordeal, but thinks that Hoffman even seeing the light is remarkable enough for him.

“It’s got to be just fate or faith, one or the other,” Burns said.

The dogs “definitely are the heroes in the story,” said Hoffman.

Burns was in the hospital nearly 4 days before he had been released.

“Had he not had the dogs with him that evening, I think the outcome would have been a lot worse,” Hoffman said.

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A Good Tool For Woodworking Completes Your Shop}

A Good Tool For Woodworking Completes Your Shop


Ray WalbergIf you want to have a great workshop then you must have the right hand tools

. You should also have a tool for woodworking if you will undertake this sort of project as well. You may want to pick the best tool for each job and this will mean having a well stocked workshop. Read on to learn about the top tools that you’ll need to have a great home workshop.

When you are shopping around it can be hard to know where to begin in terms of tools

YouTube Preview Image

. There are so man and many of them do the same thing, so you’ll want to go with the basics. The basics are the first tools you should buy and should always be of the best quality if you plan on using them over and over.

One such tool is the circular saw, this can help you cut lines of all kinds, both straight and curving. You can use two saw horses and a piece of board, perhaps plywood, to have an area to use your saw.

You should also have a table saw if you need to do large projects. You should get one that you can work at different angles. This is especially key if you will be working on tricky areas of your house.

You must also have a sander that runs on electricity if you want your workshop to run smoothly. You can do this with your hands, but that can take ages. If you have an electric sander you will save time and give your wood a professional look that it can only get from an electric sander.

The fourth thing you should have is a router. A router will help you create the patterns you want in your wood. You will use it to help you create furniture or work on moulding. You can get a variety of styles from simple to ornate with a router.

The fifth thin you will surely need is a knife sharpener or a grinding wheel. This will help you keep your tools sharper and in better shape for work any time. If you want details then you’ll need to have your bladed well-maintained. You can get the look you want that is more professional than amateur with the right products.

If you want the best tools, than look for the best brands. There are some brands that are better than others and their reputation counts. You can treat your tool as investments that will last and last when you choose from one of the following brands: Ryobi, Rockler, Sears, Craftsmen, Hitachi, Snap-On, Makita, or Rigid. These tools will cost around the same, but are worth it since you can use them for years to come.

Concentrating on latest news in antique tools, Ray Walberg pens largely for . You might see his contributions on

antique tools and hand tools here


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Obama signs healthcare bill for 9/11 emergency workers

Obama signs healthcare bill for 9/11 emergency workers

Monday, January 3, 2011

Yesterday, United States President Barack Obama signed into law a five-year benefit package to provide healthcare treatment for emergency workers including police, firefighters, and rescue workers affected by illness and respiratory problems contracted while working at the site of the World Trade Center attacks in New York City on September 11, 2001.

The bill—the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, which is named after a police officer who died of a respiratory illness he got during a rescue operation at the World Trade Center — will provide $4.2 billion over the next five years. This money will be raised by increasing a levy on foreign companies that win procurement contracts from the United States government.

The new legislation also provides new funding for the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, a federal program for victims of the attacks.

President Obama signed the bill in Kailua, Hawaii, where he is staying on vacation. In a statement, Obama said: “We will never forget the selfless courage demonstrated by the firefighters, police officers and first responders who risked their lives to save others. I believe this is a critical step for those who continue to bear the physical scars of those attacks.”

The law was the only one that passed through Congress during the lame-duck session in December, with some Republican opposition. New York Senators and Congressmen have praised the passage of the measures.

“The heroes who rushed to Ground Zero in the hours and days after the attacks will not be forgotten. These first responders were like veterans, and this law keeps with a time-honored tradition of standing by our veterans when they get harmed answering the call.” said Charles Schumer, Democratic Senator from New York. He also vowed to “begin work immediately to make sure this law gets renewed for another five years”.

New York Republican congressman Peter T. King said that “Justice is finally being served”, and that the passing of the law marked “A great day for America.”

Democratic congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney said that “The Zadroga law will save lives and fulfills our moral obligation to care for those who rose to the defense of America in a time of war.”

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