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Submitted by: Donald Pang

Interior design requires an exceptional skill in drawing presentations since it will build the client’s first impression on the project. One has to be very keen in how he makes the outlines of the project, the material boards, and most importantly the perspective drawings which will serve as the client’s guide on how the outcome of the project will look like. Before hi-tech softwares were invented designers would spend most of their time working on the floor plan drawings, perspective sketches with the precise shadow blending and rendering, which eats up most of their time. Thanks to software innovations, a new and powerful software was created to help designers create the perfect floor plans, elevations and perspective presentations that could win them tons of clients, the Intericad.

Intericad was developed and dstributed by YuanFang Software (YFCAD) , specialists in interior design and furniture design software products, in Guangzhou China. They build softwares, such as Intericad, which is an all-in-one program capable of providing excellent and realistic drawing specially with perspective presentations and rendering.

The company has also come up with an intelligent marketing plan for these programs and, unfortunately for those software pirates, YFCAD has also found a way to contradict illegal software duplication, through using a USB as the software’s key to open the program when installed, without it, the program can’t be run and operated. It can only be shared by a few networked computers. Prices for this genious product are quite high, but compared to its long term value and capabilities, it’s more worth buying than wasting your time drawing and rendering perspectives all day. With YFCAD’s continous innovations and development of the Intericad software, just like mobile phones, previous versions of this program has their prices depreciating, so you can wait for their value to go down if you really want to get one of these neat sofwares.


The software is built mainly for interior designers, offering more than 3000 furniture, vehicle models, and materials, they won’t have a hard time looking for what they would need to put into their designs as it’s already served for them by the software. You can also choose to expand your furniture library by downloading some 3D models available from their website, which, however, may come with a price.

Intericad can simply be compared to Autocad and The Sims, without the character simulation part, all rolled together into one. It’s the best software design tool for interior designers and even architects beacause, it definitely makes their life way easier than manually drawing plans and rendering perspective presentations.

The program has capabilities of producing floor plans and elevations just by making one perspective. It’s more user friendly and more realistic when it comes to 3d rendering capabilities. However you must need the Autocad as its base software so you can provide a detailed plan that will be used as a guide to build the 3-dimensional room views. Intericad is also more flexible when it comes to lighting manipulations and enables realistic manipulations of glare and light wattage.

With these softwares, there’s no more limits to what a designer can do. They have paved a way for designers to become even more bold and adventurous with the design, since they won’t be having a hard time trying to sketch and present it to clients. With just one click on the program, everything they need is completely served for them and for their clients.

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