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Best Small Business Franchise Opportunities For The Natural Handyman

By Candice Clem

It seems that the handyman is quickly becoming a dying breed. With so many businesses and jobs moving towards internet technology and computer based services and products, is seems that the average working adult today has a hard time completing even the most basic of home maintenance or repairs. While this may come across as discouraging to the seasoned hammer swinger, consider that now, more than ever, is the time for you to capitalize on the lack of handyman skills possessed by the average computer jockey. The number of small business opportunities for folks with construction backgrounds or repair skills is rapidly expanding as new niche markets open up. Additionally, many jobs that were traditionally done by the home owner are getting outsourced, creating a slough of new job opportunities for anyone with good business sense who knows how to work with their hands. To that end, here’s a quick taste of some of the choices that are currently available as we look at the Best Small Business Franchise Opportunities For The Natural Handyman.

Mr. Handyman

With the trademark, “On time. Done right.” A Mr. Handyman franchise promises to provide prompt, efficient service to their customers, while providing the franchisee with plenty of business and new leads that can be generated much easier due to Mr. Handyman’s strong success record and numerous awards and achievements. As a Mr. Handyman owner, you’ll deploy handymen to jobs all over your area and build lasting customer relationships, which are sure to earn you valuable referral business. As a franchisee, you’ll also be supported by a world-class team designed to assist you with training, initial startup and ongoing support with your business to make sure that you never feel like you have to figure it all out on your own. If you’re ready to capitalize on this exciting small business opportunity, don’t delay and make the crossover from handyman to Mr. Handyman.


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With one of the most interesting tag lines and a very clever marketing campaign, chances are you’ve seen or heard the phrase, “WE BUY UGLY HOUSES.” This familiar line coupled with a smiling caveman holding a bag of cash is sure to grab your attention and has helped HomeVestors grab plenty of business over the years. A HomeVestors franchisee will go through a 10-Day training program and receive acquisition software and repair cost analysis software. They will also receive market research information to assist them in buying “ugly houses” at below market value, making any needed repairs or upgrades and then selling the newly revived house at a huge profit. Being a part of HomeVestors is much more than just “flipping” houses, because as a HomeVestors franchisee you’ll benefit from hundreds of leads generated by the HomeVestors tv ads, radio spots, billboards and other forms of advertising that let people know that you’re in the business of buying ugly houses.

Matco Tools

If there’s one thing that nearly every handyman can agree on, it’s the value of great tools. What handyman in search of a new small business franchise wouldn’t want to spend his work day in a truck filled with brand new, quality tools. As a Matco Tools franchise owner, you’ll be delighted with their product line of more than 13,000 different tools, specializing in the automotive equipment industry. It couldn’t be easier or more affordable to start a Matco Tools franchise, due to their low start-up costs, in-house financing and no franchise fees, ongoing royalties or advertising fees whatsoever. If you love tools, then consider making your next small business a franchise with Matco Tools.

Handyman Brigade

Well, the name really says it all. Handyman Brigade prides itself in being the answer to the common questions, “how can I find a reliable and trustworthy home repair service, that’s available today?” Handyman Brigade franchises provide fast, reliable home repair services and put the customers’ minds at ease because of their nationally recognized brand and their sterling customer service track record. Handyman Brigade believes, and most experts agree, that there is little doubt that the billion dollar a year home maintenance industry will continue to grow, and whether you’re a seasoned pro at handy-work, or even if you’ve never picked up a tape measure, a Handyman Brigade franchise is your ticket to getting in on this high-growth and potentially lucrative market.

Hopefully one of these small business opportunities caught your attention. A small business franchise is one of the easiest ways to set out on your own and be your own boss while still having the vision, guidance and business strategy of a company that’s been in the business for while and has found the recipe for continued success. With a small business franchise, you’ll be joining an organization that has already done all the hard work of figuring out the type of business that people are looking for, putting it together and then marketing it successfully. Putting your handyman know-how to work in a new small business is sure to be challenging at times, but the satisfaction and success that is bound to come from your new handyman small business franchise is sure to pay off.

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