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Submitted by: Livio Azevedo

What are Semi Jewels

Semi jewels are ornamental products of higher value jewelry, and less than jewels.

That’s because while the jewels are manufactured 100% in precious metal and jewelery in non-precious metal, Semi Jewels represent a compromise: they are made with non-noble metals and covered then or plated gold or silver.

Brief History of Jewels and Semi Jewels

Early indications registered ornaments use come from Prehistory: Cro-Magnons wore necklaces and bracelets made with stones, teeth and bones.

Already in ancient Egypt, gold was used by the ruling class as a symbol of power. This symbolization of status by the jewelry was so important that the nobles at death were even buried with them. Religiously, the buried jewels serve as bearer bargain to enter paradise.

In Mesopotamia the jewels were often made starting from bright and colorful stones like carnelian, agate, jasper and lapis lazuli. Not only people used them, but the jewels also served as adornment the important statues.

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In ancient Rome gold, bronze and pearl were used as brooches. Later they began to use sapphires (from India and Ceylon), emeralds and amber.

In the Byzantine Empire, gold jewelry and precious stones were widely used in religious symbols format (such as crosses). While men were limited to the use of jewelry such as rings, these ornaments were more characteristic in the rich women.

In the modern era the use of jewelry as proof of status and power remained.

In the 40’s were the first handmade jewelry manufacturers: the goldsmiths.

Over time, however, there was a shortage of noble materials. Thus, the Semi Jewels and costume jewelry emerged as an alternative, which even allowed the classes with lower purchasing power have access to the habit of ornamenting the body and clothes.

Fine Semi Jewels – Semi Jewels Wholesale and Retail

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Fine Semi Jewels

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