Cosmetic Surgery For Nose: India Emerging As Favorite Destination

Cosmetic Surgery For Nose: India Emerging As Favorite Destination


Dr. Rohit Krishna

Nose is the centre part of the face. Its shape and look is more important because it is the core of overall personality. Its shape can make either a bad or good statement. Until few years back, the shape of body parts was considered as the god gift and we used to live with divinely given body parts shape. The advancement in artificial surgery also known as cosmetic surgery has made it possible to change the shape of important and visible body parts in desired manner. As nose is most important factor that contributes in personality statement, demand of cosmetic surgery for nose is increasing across the word.

During last 3-4 years, India has emerged as prominent center for cosmetic surgery for nose. The cosmetic surgeons specially based in capital city have succeeded to establish their repute at international level. Their success rate in complicated cosmetic surgery makes them more trust worthy. Their achievements are being appreciated worldwide; it doesn t seem the end of road. Most of leading cosmetic surgeons are still committed to achieve and deliver their best. Numbers of foreign nationals and celebrities are landing in New Delhi for getting personality improvement through cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery for nose is most desired one because it brings significant lift in personality appeal.


Cosmetic surgery for nose involves changes in some or all the parts of nose. People, unhappy with shape of their nose or who face breathing difficulty may get permanent solution to their problems. The common concerns of people unhappy with their nose shape are reduction or enlargement in certain areas, narrowing nose, smoothening nose humps, correction of deviation and sharpness of nose. The deformities may exist from birth or might have developed due to injury. Generally

cosmetic surgery for nose

is suggested at the complete growth stage. The whole process takes about 5-7 days and is safe from any after side effects. Shed all the misconceptions.

Although there is no doubt about the success of cosmetic surgery in India yet patients too need to take care of certain concerns. First of all, you need the perfect selection of cosmetic surgeon. Each cosmetic surgery center has particular specialties. Few leading cosmetic surgery Delhi centers offering cosmetic surgery for nose offers wide range of artificial surgical solutions for various needs. These centers engage best experienced surgeons as these centers can t take risk with their reputation. Cosmetic surgery Delhi centers are well equipped to match the international standards yet offer all cosmetic surgical remedies at much cheaper price.

Dr. Rohit Krishna is a practicing cosmetic and plastic surgeon, specializing in cosmetic surgery for nose and much more.

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