False Insurance Claims On Rhinoplasty Procedures

False Insurance Claims on Rhinoplasty Procedures


Jenna Jones

Most insurance providers consider rhinoplasty as an elective surgical treatment and not a health requirement and for this reason firms don’t cover the expenses of this procedure. As the prices can range from $3000 to $12,000, there are several individuals who wish for the procedure without having to comply with the necessities of the insurance company.

Some people might eventually tamper the claims just so they can have the procedure, however, when they will be exposed, penalties shall be issued to them. Insurance firms will eventually cover for the rhinoplasty procedure if ever the patient can provide a sound and bonafide health claim over the procedure. Claims will include trauma attributable to accidents which could obstruct breathing of anyone involved. But note, there continue to be a few insurance agencies that will not cover the medical necessity. To lay a phony statement over a health insurance has been going around for so long and the insurance companies are placed in a hard position. In fact, there can be even some celebs who have been jammed in the scandal of phony claims for a rhinoplasty procedure. A deviated septum might be the most popular reason that they create but if truth be told, they just desire the surgical procedure because it can benefit them aesthetically.


False statements when discovered can fall under a fraudulent act. In this case, the holder of the insurance can lose the insurance and also the surgeon who may be an accessory could be sued for malpractice. Therefore, it is essential that when thinking about having a rhinoplasty, to think twice, long and hard and prepare for the prices that cannot be avoided. If you cannot pay for it and still desire the rhinoplasty, then search for an insurance company which may cover at least a part of the expenses. Do not get tempted into going under the knife of a fake surgeon who can ask for the minimum costs but can ruin your face forever. When found guilty then you might be punished by the law harshly with 10 years of imprisonment, cash compansation to the insurance firm and a possibility of a community service for specific cases.

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