Wednesday, March 28, 2018

On Monday, South Korea’s TOP Media entertainment management company announced Seo Minwoo, lead singer of K-pop band 100%, had died at his home in South Korean capital Seoul on Sunday; reportedly, in the evening, local time. In the official statement, the agency said, “The deceased was found to have a cardiac arrest in his home in Gangnam, Seoul. 119 [helpline number] paramedics were dispatched, but he was found to have died.”((ko))Korean language: ??? ?? ?? ???? ??? ??? ?? 119???? ?????? ????? ?????.

Seo was 33 years old. He made his acting debut more than a decade ago, in 2006. He appeared in Korean television series Sharp 3. A year later, Seo appeared in The King and I. In 2012, Seo took up singing, and became the lead singer of 100%.

In 2014, Seo rendered compulsory military service. He featured in another television drama in 2016 called Twenty thousand won to Pyongyang.

“The funeral will be held quietly according to the will of the family”((ko))Korean language: ??? ???? ?? ?? ??? ?? ?????, TOP media’s announcement read. The boy band had concerts scheduled for April 21 and April 30 in Japan.