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“Must Have” Decorations For Your Home During Christmas

By E Cho

Every year, soon after the Thanksgiving holiday and sometimes even before, millions of us all over the world decorate our homes inside and out in recognition of the Christmas holiday. But what are the ‘hot item’ Christmas decorations?

Of course, all decorating starts with the Christmas tree. Many people choose a real tree, as they find this to be the ‘traditional’ choice, but many others choose artificial trees. Artificial trees can make decorating a lot easier and cleaner because they don’t ‘shed’ pine needles all over the floor. Artificial trees can now be purchased with lights built into them in a variety of colors. This way, the tree can be reused each year and the lights are already strung. Artificial trees can be bought in a variety of colors. White is a popular tree color other than green, but there are even some that are pink and blue for those with eclectic tastes.

Ornaments on the Christmas tree also come in a huge variety and themes and it is really up to the individual decorators on what type to buy. Many choose to purchase special ornaments each holiday season in order to commemorate that year’s Christmas. Hallmark is a great store to visit for these types of commemorative ornaments where special types are offered each year. Additionally, there are ornaments featuring a variety of favorite characters from pop culture like Star Wars, Peanuts, and Disney.

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Another popular home decoration is the poinsettia flowers. These can also be real or artificial. Poinsettias throughout the house are a widely recognized symbol of the Christmas holiday going back centuries. One more holiday decoration of the organic type is mistletoe where the common custom dictates that a couple meeting under a hanging mistletoe branch are obligated to kiss. A lot of ancient tradition is involved in gathering live mistletoe, such as never allowing it to tough the ground.

Outside Christmas decorations are another matter entirely. When choosing outdoor decorations it is important to determine they were meant to be displayed outside. The winter elements can be very harsh in certain areas of the planet and flimsy light strings meant for an indoor tree will not stand up to the wear and tear and can become a fire hazard. Knowing that, there are a wide variety of outdoor Christmas decorations.

In recent years, yard decorations that inflate with a powered fan are the latest rage. These come in many varieties also. Santa Claus can be featured in his sleigh, standing and waving to passersby, or even riding a motorcycle. Other popular inflatable yard characters include Disney figures, snowmen, and Nativity scenes. Non-inflating lighted deer are another popular yard decoration as are solid-figure Nativity scenes.

Essential to outdoor decorating are light arrangements on the exterior of the home. These also come in a wide variety. In recent years, many choose outdoor lights that resemble icicles in white or blue. When strung across the overhang of a house they present a beautiful effect at night. For those that must have the fanciest house decorations on the block, hardware and department stores offer contraptions that synchronize the flashing of Christmas lights with the sound of Christmas music. Be sure to check with local public disturbance policies before attempting a production such as this.

There are many possibilities when it comes to decorating the home for the Christmas holiday. It is really up to the individual taste of the decorator when making the choices. Themes range from the traditional to just about any popular pop culture figures imaginable.

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