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Why Use Printed Umbrellas As Promotional Materials

By Matt Franks

Your business has decided to spend part of its advertising budget on promotional materials. With the wide array of customizable items available, the decision of what to spend the money on can be daunting. However, when promoting your business, it must be remembered that visibility should be a key factor in making decisions.

Depending on how you wish to promote your company, and everyone looks at this in a different way, the smaller branded items can be more cost effective, and being handed out in the their thousands, are still a good way to promote your business. A branded umbrella however, will undoubtedly give you a promotional item that promotes your company’s name and logo with maximum effect, without the need to buy in the hundreds.


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Branded umbrellas are a very useful promotional item used by anyone and everyone but more importantly they are also used widely within the business industry. With the wide variety of options available, including golf, walking, telescopic, and even storm-proof, there is a style of promotional umbrella ideal for meeting your business’s advertising needs. Which type you choose will depend heavily on the company in question. If your business needs to target people on the street, a standard telescopic or storm-proof personalized umbrella would be a wise choice as it could be used anywhere. While this is not a bad option for any company, those looking for to advertise to other businesses may actually be better off choosing printed golf umbrellas as so many informal meetings these days take place on the golf course.


While pens and coffee mugs may be more standard choices of promotional items, they are also things that are often kept at home or in the office. Personalized umbrellas are used out in public. Additionally, they are larger and more obvious than items such as branded pens and other branded stationery items. While the cost per item is higher than with other, smaller promotional materials, if you truly want your business noticed printed umbrellas are the simple choice. Umbrellas come in a wide range of colours, the panels can be of one colour only or you can have alternating colours on each of the panels, making this a very eye catching and noticeable promotional item.


Keep in mind, however, that poor quality promotional items give your company a very negative image. If the things you hand out to clients and partners look cheap or break easily, it will make people wonder if that is the quality of work your company does as well. When ordering promotional umbrellas, be sure that your logo is clear and will stand out. Additionally, take the time to be certain that the materials your logo is being printed on are up to the standards of your company – a great looking logo on a personalized umbrella that falls apart is less than worthless.

With all these factors in mind, the choice couldn’t be clearer. High quality, useful, and imminently visible promotional umbrellas are an ideal way to put your company’s advertising budget to work for you.

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