Art For Art’s Sake Or For Benefit Of Mind And Body?

byAlma Abell

It is quite within probability to believe that each and every one of us has some artistic talent buried within us. In some, it is so near to the surface that they simply can’t help displaying it as often as possible from an early age and onwards through their lives. It could be music, dance, song, poetry, literature, drama, etc or the visual arts like painting, sculpture, photography, model making, etc, etc – or, even more mundane things like hand crafting beautiful pieces of furniture – it’s as though their art is just bursting to get out and be admired by the world at large. Probably such artists would say that practicing their art gives them an inner satisfaction and a overall sense of wellbeing.


Art ClassesGreat natural artists are a minority and they are possibly born with their skills rather than learning them as they grow. However, for the majority of us, art does not come naturally and we need to take classes if we are to develop even quite mediocre skills. Nevertheless, successful completion of these classes can bring about the same sense of euphoria as that experienced by natural talents.

People With “Problems”The average adult person attending (let’s say) Painting Classes In Charleston SC will be doing so in their own time and of their own volition because they hope to gain by the experience. They may be starting from scratch or there to hone their skills (perceived or real).

Kids at school doing similar art studies will be a mix of the interested and willing along with those who really don’t care for the class at all – it’s in their curriculum and they have to attend. However, there is another facet to teaching art and this is known as art therapy. This is not to say that art therapy classes are a compulsory imposition on anyone.

Art Therapy ClassesUndergoing therapy is a way of relieving problems; be they physical, mental, spiritual or simply age related. However, some treatments might not produce results and can even prove to do more harm than good. Art therapy is not rigid but it does encourage self expression and emotional release which increases self knowledge leading to greater inner peace which can improve the quality of life for those with impairments at any age. As it is usually voluntarily undertaken, art therapy is more likely to produce good results without any harmful side effects.

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