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Bridal Shower Themes Trendy To Avant Garde}

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Bridal Shower Themes –Trendy to Avant-garde


Terri HunzikerTired of the old paper-plate-ribbon-bouquet type bridal shower? Looking for new ideas to make your bridal shower a hit? Start with a bridal shower theme! A theme makes the shower planning easy and sets a fun mood for the guest and the bride.

Gone are the bridal shower rules of following proper etiquette and protocol. Today’s showers are all about entertaining amusements designed to fit the bride’s personality. Anything from a from wild bachelorette soiree to casual coed barbeque is acceptable. What about your bride? Does she like adventurous fun or perhaps she prefers a more formal structured setting. Whatever your brides personality, you’ll find unique bridal shower themes in this list of theme suggestions:

Trendy Wedding Showers – Everybody’s Doing It!

Jack and Jill Wedding Showers – The groom and his buddies join the ladies for this one. These parties are casual affairs held in the afternoon as barbeque or in the evenings as a cocktail party. Considerations for both the bride and groom go into planning coed parties. Do they have a favorite team? How about a sports-themed event at a favorite local sports bar. How about a stock-the-bar or stock-the-garage theme in addition to stock-the-pantry — gifts for her and gifts for him.

Spa Bridal Shower – Treat your bride and party guest to a day of pampering at a local spa. Many spa’s accommodate such an event and will be glad to offer suggestions for planning it. If the cost is out-of-reach consider an at-home spa bridal shower. Stacks of white towels, manicure and pedicure supplies and a hired massage therapist will do the trick.

Round the Clock Shower – Each guest is assigned a time of day, such as 7 AM, 12 Noon, 10 PM. Their gift reflects what one would be doing at that time of the day. Perhaps guest assigned 7 AM gives an omelet pan, the 10 PM guest could give pampering bath items or lingerie.

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Room of the House Shower – Each guest is assigned a room of the house and chooses a gift that is appropriate for that room.

Honeymoon Shower – This theme centers around the couple’s honeymoon destination. Decor, food and gifts reflect the destination such as a luau theme for Hawaiian or tropical destinations; outdoor gear for adventurous outdoorsy ones. Other items may include maps, travel guides or luggage.

Lingerie Shower – Guest give the bride gifts of lingerie, often very sexy lingerie. These events run the gamut from mild to quite racy. In addition to the living room, lingerie showers can be held in a banquet or favorite bar and have been known to include a surprise visit from a dancer of the male persuasion.

Unique Wedding Shower Themes – Memorable Showers as Unique as the Bride!

Mystical Bridal Shower – Hire a fortune teller or palm reader for a metaphysical shower experience. This is usually an actor who sets the stage for fun with off-the-wall predictions about the bride and guests.

High-Tech Shower – For the high tech couple, create a cyberspace-age atmosphere. Use blue light bulbs to mock the techno blue glow of computer monitors. Use floppy disks as coasters and give custom-made mouse pads personalized with a photo of the couple, their names and wedding date as party favors. forget paper invitations via snail mail; email invitations instead! Guests could give gift certificates for high-tech shopping.

Health and Fitness Shower – Is your bride a fitness fanatic? Reserve the rock-climbing wall at a local sport center or take this coed shower to a park or beach. Organize a golf, tennis, volleyball or racquetball tournament. Great for Coed showers too!

Stock the Bar Shower – Forget the pantry, how about stocking the bar. A great idea for couples who frequently host parties.

Wine Tasting Shower – Organize a wine tasting event in honor of the bride. This can be held at a winery or local cafe. Guest could bring wine and bar related gifts.

Stock the Garage – Brides need power tools too! Maybe the happy couple will be buying a fixer-upper or planning a house remodel? Is the bride or groom a car buff? How about car cleaning and maintenance supplies.

Bridal Shower Cruise – If you are lucky enough to live near water, a shower aboard a local cruise or tour vessel is a great setting for a fun event. Even better if the bride or groom is into boating.

Christmas Shower – This is perfect for winter weddings. Guest will bring a Christmas tree ornament or other Christmas related gifts.

Memories Shower – Each guest brings a memento to represent a special or funny experience shared with the bride. Another option for a coed shower is to play videos or display images of the bride and groom as children. Guest can share remembered childhood stories and events.

Garden Shower – Perfect for a June Bride into gardening (or hopes to be). Hold the event in a garden setting and have the guest bring gardening related gifts. A fun twist is for guest to come wearing a decorated sun shade hat. The best hat design wins a door prize!

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What To Include In Your Baby Shower Gift Bag

By J. Highland

All the guests to a baby shower will be bringing presents to aid and please the mom-to-be. It is a great idea to have little gift bags for everyone who has attended the event. These will be something nice to take home and to remember the event by.

A baby shower gift bag can contain nearly any favor. You have various options, depending on your creativity, budget, baby shower theme and personal perception of what will make a great present.

Consider the following, when putting together a baby shower gift bag. Certain basic tips and rules can make your task much simpler.

Make It Theme-Relevant

A thematic favor bag will make guests remember the baby shower. Follow the theme you have chosen when coming up with guest presents.

Baby shower themes are numerous. You can have a party connected to peas in a pod, angels, love, baby cribs and other baby items, diapers, ladybugs, fairytale characters and many more.

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The theme will affect the decorations. It should also be determining when it comes to the selection of the favors to put in the gift bag. Anything that is appropriately shaped or monogrammed will turn out to be a great gift.

Personalized Baby Shower Gift Bags

Beautiful items will always be appreciated. If these beautiful items are personalized, guests are likely to cherish them even more. Make sure that the favors you give out are connected in some way to the event.

Personalization can be achieved in various ways. You can have the item monogrammed, in case the material it is made of permits such processing.

A keychain could feature the picture of the mom-to-be, her name and the date when the event was held. Adding a cute quote or a witty slogan to the favor will give it something extra special.

If the party decorations have a certain element, decorative pattern or clip art used throughout, include that in the favor personalization, as well.

A Gender-Relevant Gift Bag

The gender of the baby can be used to add some cuteness to the shower gift bag. You can go for traditional colors and items associated to either baby girls or baby boys.

The color you pick is the first aspect that will determine if the favor was given in honor of a baby girl or a baby boy. You can select blue and pink or any other pastel shade that brings up some sort of association.

The favors themselves will also provide hints about the baby. They can be clever, cute or a combination of the two. A ribbon-shaped cookie will certainly speak of a baby girl. A baseball cap can represent the baby boy.

Wrapping It Up

As special as the favors are, they will fail impressing guests if you select an inappropriate wrap. Make sure that the outside is just as astonishing as the inside of the gift bag.

Pick the color that is predominant in the decorations and centerpieces and find wrapping paper or a gift bag that is in a similar nuance. The ribbon can either be matching or contrasting.

You can print the mom-to-be’s name on the gift bag, together with the date on which the shower was held. If you feel that this spoils your design, include this information inside, on a card or printed on the favor itself.

A well-chosen baby shower gift bag will make the event even more wonderful and heart-warming. Spare no effort when picking the favors themselves and the decorations. They will show how cherished and important each guest is. Do your best and be creative.

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“Must Have” Decorations For Your Home During Christmas

By E Cho

Every year, soon after the Thanksgiving holiday and sometimes even before, millions of us all over the world decorate our homes inside and out in recognition of the Christmas holiday. But what are the ‘hot item’ Christmas decorations?

Of course, all decorating starts with the Christmas tree. Many people choose a real tree, as they find this to be the ‘traditional’ choice, but many others choose artificial trees. Artificial trees can make decorating a lot easier and cleaner because they don’t ‘shed’ pine needles all over the floor. Artificial trees can now be purchased with lights built into them in a variety of colors. This way, the tree can be reused each year and the lights are already strung. Artificial trees can be bought in a variety of colors. White is a popular tree color other than green, but there are even some that are pink and blue for those with eclectic tastes.

Ornaments on the Christmas tree also come in a huge variety and themes and it is really up to the individual decorators on what type to buy. Many choose to purchase special ornaments each holiday season in order to commemorate that year’s Christmas. Hallmark is a great store to visit for these types of commemorative ornaments where special types are offered each year. Additionally, there are ornaments featuring a variety of favorite characters from pop culture like Star Wars, Peanuts, and Disney.

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Another popular home decoration is the poinsettia flowers. These can also be real or artificial. Poinsettias throughout the house are a widely recognized symbol of the Christmas holiday going back centuries. One more holiday decoration of the organic type is mistletoe where the common custom dictates that a couple meeting under a hanging mistletoe branch are obligated to kiss. A lot of ancient tradition is involved in gathering live mistletoe, such as never allowing it to tough the ground.

Outside Christmas decorations are another matter entirely. When choosing outdoor decorations it is important to determine they were meant to be displayed outside. The winter elements can be very harsh in certain areas of the planet and flimsy light strings meant for an indoor tree will not stand up to the wear and tear and can become a fire hazard. Knowing that, there are a wide variety of outdoor Christmas decorations.

In recent years, yard decorations that inflate with a powered fan are the latest rage. These come in many varieties also. Santa Claus can be featured in his sleigh, standing and waving to passersby, or even riding a motorcycle. Other popular inflatable yard characters include Disney figures, snowmen, and Nativity scenes. Non-inflating lighted deer are another popular yard decoration as are solid-figure Nativity scenes.

Essential to outdoor decorating are light arrangements on the exterior of the home. These also come in a wide variety. In recent years, many choose outdoor lights that resemble icicles in white or blue. When strung across the overhang of a house they present a beautiful effect at night. For those that must have the fanciest house decorations on the block, hardware and department stores offer contraptions that synchronize the flashing of Christmas lights with the sound of Christmas music. Be sure to check with local public disturbance policies before attempting a production such as this.

There are many possibilities when it comes to decorating the home for the Christmas holiday. It is really up to the individual taste of the decorator when making the choices. Themes range from the traditional to just about any popular pop culture figures imaginable.

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Is Your Dog Straining To Urinate?

By John Mailer

If you notice any changes in your dog’s normal urinary function then you must get him to the vet as soon as possible to be investigated. Your dog’s kidneys are responsible for filtering the blood, while retaining useful chemicals, and ridding your the body of harmful and toxic chemicals. Waste material is then passed down the ureters to the bladder where it is stored. When the dog’s bladder is full, the dog passes the urine through the urethra and out of the body.

If your dog is straining to urinate then this may caused by any number of multiple issues. It may be caused by infection, mineral sediment in the urine, or bladder stones that may be lodged in your dog’s urethra. Not only are urinary disorders life threatening to your dog, they are also very painful. If there is increased amount of urination or even decreased trips to the bathroom then your dog may also have a metabolic illness such as diabetes.

Urination Strain

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Infections of your dog’s bladder and urethra may cause inflammation and an increased need to urinate, even when the bladder is empty. Male dogs may experience the same need when the prostate gland is either enlarged or infected, or the penis inflamed. The urine is sometimes clouded and will have slight discoloration from blood. Vaginal infections can cause females to strain in the same much the same fashion. Urination straining is more serious and much more painful if the cause is due to stones. Stones originate from the buildup of minerals from the bladder. Male dogs have a very narrow urethra, and these stones sometimes get stuck inside, causing severe pain and straining when urinating.

What to do: It is imperative that you get your dog to the vet as soon as possible. If the straining is so bad that he cannot urinate, then his life could literally be cut short within a few days of not being able to urinate. It is recommended that you get a urine sample to the vet.

If the problem is a result of a urinary infection, then antibiotics will be prescribed as well as urinary acidifiers. For severe blockage, the vet may use a urinary catheter in order to relieve pressure and pain. X-rays will be used to determine if bladder stones exist, and if there are indeed stones inside, then you will be notified to make a heavy change in your dog’s diet to prevent them from forming again in the future.

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