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Bar Soap Vs. Body Wash. Know The Differences}

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Everyone wants to be clean but really which is the best option? The bar soap vs. body wash debate only grows stronger as the bar and liquid up their game. Seeing the commercials it would be easy to assume that people showering are having the best time of their lives. Not only do they seem to be having fun, but they act so refreshed afterwards. So is it better to soap up with a bar or with body wash?

Choosing the Right Soap

When people go to the store they can be overwhelmed with the amount of options for soap. It can be in a bar or in a body wash, but there are several types of soap available – and in all different scents, too! There are soaps for people with damaged skin, dry skin, burnt skin, pale skin…and, of course, grimy skin. Both types of soap have the ability to clean the skin thoroughly. Its just some types of soap does a little more than simply cleanse.

A person that has sensitive skin may be looking for soap that can help decrease the dryness. This can be done with both a bar of soap or body wash. It comes down to what is in the soap. Ingredients such as oatmeal and aloe are great for dry skin and can be very helpful in improving skin quality. Sometimes it really comes down to a personal preference when determining which type of soap to use.

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Secrets to Perfect Skin

Everyone has their secrets to perfect skin, again, it is all based on personal needs. A person dealing with a sunburn may use a different type of body wash than they normally do just to help curb the burning, itching sensation of the burn. To have perfect skin people have to give their skin what it needs: moisture.

To help decrease the chance for fine lines, wrinkles, and even acne, men and women should use high quality soap. Soap that leaves behind residue will dry out the skin and block pores. This leaves skin open to unhealthy options. Washing skin regularly will lead to healthier skin that shines bright and glows. It will also diminish the appearance of wrinkles and pimples.

Body Wash Hydrates (But So Does Bar Soap)

While people can weigh the benefits of bar soap vs. body wash it can still be difficult to make a final decision. Of course, price and familiarity helps. Learning what other people have to say about the soap can help weigh the decision more fairly. A bar of soap is easier to travel with, but body wash will have more conditioning properties due to its consistency.

Parents looking for soap for their children may want to use body wash since it doesnt burn as much if it gets in a childs eyes. However, there are bars of soap that promote this use, too. Both forms of soap can have ingredients such as rose oil or lavender that help smooth the skin. Both will leave people feeling refreshed.

To determine which form of soap is right, think about what the soap needs to do. If removing dirt is the only requirement then either the bar or wash will do the job. However, if people need extras such as adding moisture, correcting skin issues, or dealing with skin problems, then their decision gets harder. In most situations, body wash is going to offer more additives and solutions than a simple bar of soap.

The bar soap vs. body wash debate is a personal one. Go with what you need and what works best for you. If thats a bar, great, if its a wash, thats fine, too.

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