Create An Atmosphere Conducive To Good Health Through Feng Shui Health Tips

Create an atmosphere conducive to good health through Feng Shui health tips


Amit Bhalla

A little extra luck and guidance never hurt anybody and this is the reason why more and more people are welcoming the wisdom of Feng Shui guidance in their life. Feng Shui (pronounced as Fung Shway) is a 3000 year old Chinese practice that balances the various elements of wind, water, earth and fire and the male and female energies to achieve peace, harmony and success. The four major aspects of every individual s life are career, health, wealth and relationships and this practice can play a positive role in each of these aspects. All the four aspects are equally important in every individual s life and if one is negatively affected it can cause immense dissatisfaction and trouble. One such crucial area of our life is our health and Feng Shui health tips can ensure that we maintain a positive environment conducive to the health of all the family members.

If we have noticed that someone or the other constantly falls ill and there seems to be a lot of negativity in the atmosphere, maybe its time to reanalyze the way your house or office layout has been designed and the d cor of the living space. At times all that Feng Shui health tips suggest is the re-arrangement of the existing set of furniture in your house or office. This kind of shuffling allows the chi (energy) to flow in a positive manner and bring in good health and prosperity into your life. The direction in which we sleep is also a crucial factor under the Feng Shui health tips and guidance. Each of us has a number calculated according to our date of birth and this is known as the kua number. The kua number provides the auspicious and inauspicious directions for each of the four areas of our life, health being one of them.


The kua number guides us in knowing the right direction for an individual to sleep in and another direction that promotes good health. If you are genuinely interested in implementing Feng Shui health tips, then it would be best to memorize the directions and use them accordingly to the best of your advantage. Also, ensure that you have no dead or dried flowers in the house, as they contain an excess of Yin energy which is negative for the health of the individuals in the house. Alternatively you could consider keeping artificial or synthetic flowers to achieve your aesthetic satisfaction.

The lighting and d cor of every room also plays an important role while implementing the corrective Feng Shui health tips. The light should be moderate and never too harsh to induce positive vibes in an environment. Also the entrance of a home or office should be well lighted to attract positive energies into your life. The ulu is another popular object used to positively influence the health of the individuals living in the house. In order to upgrade your life and invite prosperity, peace and harmony into your life, get the advice and counsel of an authentic Feng Shui expert and see the positive changes taking place.

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