Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A woman with a blood alcohol reading of 0.14 has been arrested and charged after crashing into a police car in Kings Cross, a suburb of Eastern Sydney early this morning.

Police officials claim the 27 year old woman was driving a Volkswagen the wrong way down a one way street when she collided with a police car parked outside Kings Cross Police Station. Following the collision, the woman drove off. Police later found the woman’s car in a nearby alleyway where she and a male were standing.

Both the woman and her companion were taken to Kings Cross Police Station where they were questioned about the incident. While at the station, police conducted a breath test on the woman, which returned a reading of 0.14 – almost 3 times the blood alcohol limit of 0.05 in New South Wales. Further investigation revealed that the woman did not hold a driver’s licence.

The woman was charged with mid-range PCA (driving under the influence of alcohol), driving whilst unlicensed and failing to give particulars after an accident.

The woman was not injured in the accident and the police car suffered only minor damage.