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Top 5 Ways To Change The World

Top 5 Ways to Change the World by Nancy JohnsonThere are a lot of ways that we can help change the world. Everything from recycling, to helping out a neighbor or someone in need. No matter how big or small, the important thing is that we all do our part in creating a better place. While you could spend time browsing the web for some ways you can go out and do your part, here are what I’ve found to be the top 5 ways that you can do a part in changing the world for the better, without heavily altering your lifestyle:- Positivity – As small and simple as it may sound, a little positivity in your life really does spread to others. It’s easy to let yourself fall into negativity, as anything that needs to be done or should be done that might disrupt our laziness can make you have a negative outlook on the situation. If you remember to focus on the good things you have in your life, and show people that things really aren’t so bad, you can influence people and really make the world a more positive place.- Be Nice -Another thing that may sound like it is too easy to really change the world is being nice to others. If you stop and think for a second, did you ever have a stranger do something nice, or courteous for you, and it made you a little bit happier? Now imagine if everyone was the same way to others, and just think about the ways that happiness would spread. Don’t you think if everyone was just a little bit nicer that we could all be better people? It’s true that this can happen, and the only way to do that is to go out and start being nice to others. Just a simple hello, a smile, or holding the door open for someone could be a great place to start!- Volunteering -Everyone knows this method, and it’s such an effective way to do your part. There is always the traditional way of volunteering, by going out and physically contributing to whatever the cause may be, but there’s also a newer form of volunteering which is able to be done online, and from the comfort of your home or office. Each website that offers virtual volunteering has different tasks for you to do, which can take as little as 1 minute and as much as 1 hour to do. – Share -The world we live in has developed a “me” way of thinking. Everything we do is there to satisfy the individual and the sense of self. If we think of others for a change, and how we can do simple things to help each other out, or share what we have to conserve on resources, we would be spreading ideals that promote a better friendliness with others. Who knows, even theft crime rates could drop if we all just learned to share, and removed that sense of “everything is about me!”- Donate to Charity -The final of the top five methods is by donating to charity. Now, you can always do the traditional method of donations by using cold, hard cash, but there are easier ways to do this without making you feel uneasy about giving away your money. On the internet, you have the option of click to donate sites, or search to donate sites, which give money to their respective charities just by using their service. These sites can be used simultaneously while doing your daily internet activities, requiring little to no strain on you whatsoever.Dreamer.Me is a non-profit alternative search engine. Money generated by your searches is donated to where it’s needed most. Every time you use Dreamer.Me to search the internet you make the world a better place. Article Source: