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What Are Wealth Management Experts?}

What are Wealth Management Experts?


Katrina Wagner

The history of the modern world is rife with rags to riches then back to rags stories. People who amassed great fortunes only to see them lost through mismanagement. One of the most recent and certainly the most colorful has to be acclaimed rap artist MC Hammer. A self made man who started out with nothing on the rough streets of Oakland California.

He dominated the music charts through a good portion of the 1980s and along the way earned some twenty million dollars in the process. Today he is admittedly broke. No divorce, no personal catastrophe. He only has himself to blame and he’s a shining example of the fact that the ability to accumulate wealth does not necessarily equate to ones ability to manage it.

His and other similar stories serve to point up the fact that wealth management and financial planning are imperative to the success of any business. Hence; it should come as no surprise that the demand for qualified Wealth Management Experts is on the rise and India it turns out has answered that call by opening more institutes that offer advanced financial planning degrees.

A (Certified Financial Planner) or what is also commonly referred to as a (CFP), will have completed the following: A bachelors degree, accompanied by the completion of additional training programs that cover relevant topics. All this, followed by the successful completion of a ten hour exam.

A (Certified Public Accountant) or (CPA) is quite often thought of as being best suited for tax issues but they function on several other levels as well. This can and often does include the day to day management of businesses or persons financial affairs. In the UK, the most reputable CPAs are registered with the ACPA and have completed all required course work and licensing requirements.

A (Personal Finance Specialist) or (PFS) is an advanced level of certification that can be attained by a CPA. To do so one must have a minimum of 3,000 hours of verifiable professional work experience. One must also have successfully completed all additional required course work and finally pass a required exam.

The reason for these post graduate study and certification requirements is that the actual eligibility requirements for pursuing an advanced degree in financial planning and wealth management are in fact quite lenient. This means that pretty much any four year graduate from any discipline or study genre is eligible.

The demand for of wealth management experts only continues to be driven by the financial difficulties being experienced by more governments around the globe. Governments that look to tightening tax codes as a means of increasing revenues. This combined with trends towards globalization in pretty much all genres of business enterprise.

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What are Wealth Management Experts?}