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Synergy In Vitamin And Mineral Supplementation}

Submitted by: Adrian Joele

Most people who take vitamin and mineral supplements self-prescribe to what they think they should take, not even what is fashionable. As well as being a waste of money, this is likely to do more harm than good. Why? Because taking an extra dose of one vitamin can lower levels of another. Falling short of a particular mineral can prevent the absorption of another, seemingly unrelated one. A dose of an isolated vitamin or mineral that is too high can produce the same symptoms as a deficiency of another nutrient.

This is what nutritionists call synergy and it explains why taking extra calcium to build stronger bones may backfire on you. Too much calcium in the body can cause a deficiency in iron, zinc, magnesium and phosphorous by preventing their proper absorption. All these minerals are vital for good bone health and their ongoing deficiency can lead to osteoporosis – the condition you were trying to prevent by taking calcium supplements.

Vitamin D, which is also known as the sunshine vitamin, since the body need exposure to sunlight to make it, enhances the absorption of calcium, but too much can cause a potassium deficiency.

Vitamin A is an antioxidant that is said to help to prevent premature aging. It does help to maintain the surfaces of the body,including the skin, but too much increases the body’s need for another antioxidant, vitamin E, which protect against heart disease.

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Vitamin C remains the most popular of the self-prescribed supplements: an estimated ten million Britons take it every day. Research papers now prove that it has powerful antioxidant properties that protect against cancer and heart disease and show how it boosts the immune system to protect against infections and can even speed up wound healing. Yet not many people know that it works much better in the presence of vitamin A or that , to use it properly, the body needs calcium.

Ask any alternative cancer specialists what nutrients their patients should be eating and they will specify bioflavanoids. Though not a true vitamin, these are a group of biologically active substances found in plants that are sometimes called vitamin P.

As well as cancer-fighting properties, they also have an antibacterial effect in the body, where they promote healthy circulation, stimulate bile production for the breakdown of fats and lower blood cholesterol levels.

Foods that are rich in flavanoids include apples, beetroot, blackberries, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cherries, dandelions, lentils,lettuce, oranges parsley, plums, peas, potatoes, rhubarb, rose hips,spinach, tomatoes, walnuts and watercress. But what you may not know is that they all work even better when taken with vitamin C, and vice versa.

Synergistic partners are rarely monogamous. To correct a deficiency in vitamin A, you also need six additional nutrients: choline, zinc, vitamin C, D and E, plus the essential fatty acids found in oily fish or evening primrose oil supplements.

To restore normal levels of vitamin C , you need the bioflavanoids, vitamin A, plus calcium and magnesium. Those last two minerals are so closely linked that if you plan to take a supplement, you need to follow a ratio of 2 : 1 in favor of the calcium. So if you are taking 800 mg of calcium, you need to take 400 mg of magnesium, too.

To correct a shortage of calcium in the hope of building stronger bones, you also need magnesium, boron, manganese, phosphorous, vitamins A, C, D and F, plus essential fatty acids.

To complicate the picture further, synergy may not affect the whole body but only specific cells, so the impact of what you are doing may be hidden. Smoking, for example, wipes out vitamin C in the body, but this deficiency may be confined to the cells of the lungs.

As you can see, when taking supplements you have to make sure that the vitamin and mineral balance in your body is maintained.

About the Author: Resource Box Adrian Joele has been involved in nutrition and weight loss for more than 10 years and he likes to share his knowledge. He obtained expert status with EzineArticles. Sign up for his free report on nutrition by visiting:


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3gen Dermlite: The Future Of Skin Cancer Detection

Submitted by: Bernal Bernal

3gen Dermlite is a device which makes skin cancer screening quick and easy. It can also be used to look for other conditions, including checking varicose veins, skin irritations, skin lesions and hair transplants.

How Does It Work?

3gen Dermlite works through cross polarization filters, a process called Cross Polarized ELM. The Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) produce a white light which is polarized linearly through a filter. A second filter, positioned at a 90 angle to the first filter, cuts down the light reflected by the skin so that you can see deeper into the body. The image produced is then enlarged through a magnifying lens. Skin Cancer Detection is then possible with the resulting picture.

Why Is It Important?

It’s important for the Early Detection Skin Cancer. It’s also able to detect other forms of skin condition. In addition, if you suffer from varicose veins or skin lesions you can use it to check for any complications.

What Are The Benefits Of 3gen Dermlite?

* Portable: unlike other devices, this is handheld and easy to carry around.

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* Easier: due to the fact that no oil is required it’s much easier to use than other methods. This makes the procedure much quicker.

* Efficiency: the LEDs last longer, are brighter and use less energy thereby making the device very efficient.

* Faster: an image is produced very quickly and there’s no need to wait a few minutes as with oil based imaging.

What Features Does 3gen Dermlite Have?

The features include:

* 10 times magnification;

* a 15mm Hastings Triplet Lens;

* cross Polarization;

* 8 white LEDs which possesses 100, 000 hours of battery life;

* a white spectrum light which makes skin lesion examinations clearer;

* and it weighs only 3.5 ounces.

* What Other Dermlite Products Are Available?

* DermLite Carbon: this is similar to 3gen Dermlite and is capable of superficial skin imaging.

* DermLite PRO: the DermLite II PRO allows you to move along between 16 polarized LEDs thereby providing a more efficient image of the skin’s surface. There’s also the option to attach a camera so that the images can be recorded. The DermLite 3 Pro has 21 LEDs and a retractable faceplate spacer.

* DermLite Hybrid: this lets you use either the cross-polarized dermoscopy or the immersion fluid dermoscopy method thereby giving you the freedom to choose.

* Lumio Polarized Light: containing 40 LEDs this is especially useful for dermatological examinations, including pigmented skin lesions, varicose veins and hair follicles.

3gen Dermlite is a revolutionary device for skin cancer detection. Its specialized design is portable, easy to use and able to provide clear results fast.

Skin cancer can be a life threatening disease and, so, the faster it’s detected the more the chance of a recovery. The 3gen Dermlite is a device which makes this process of detection much faster and easier. Due the fact that no oil is required, the procedure has been made much more efficient and simpler.

3Gen Dermlite, a handheld, easy to use portable cancer detection device for dermatologists. Make detecting cancer an easy process for your as well as your patients with the innovative Dermlit Pro. Visit .

About the Author: 3Gen Dermlite, a handheld, easy to use portable cancer detection device for dermatologists. Make detecting cancer an easy process for your as well as your patients with the innovative Dermlit Pro. Visit



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Learn How To Lose Belly Fat With Kentucky Weight Loss Doctor}

Submitted by: Rhegie Taylor

One of the biggest causes for people being overweight and struggling with obesity is an imbalance of energy. When the same amount of energy goes in and goes out, your weight stays the same. If you take in more energy than you put out, you will gain weight. And if the energy going into your body is less than the energy you are putting out, then weight loss is the result. Obesity happens over time when you take in more calories than you use day after day.

Visiting an all-natural weight loss doctor Kentucky may be the step you need to talk to overcome weight loss obstacles in your life that may include:

Inactive Lifestyle

People who are inactive tend to gain weight because it is so easy to put in more calories than they burn, and all unused calories get turned into fat and stored in your body. An inactive lifestyle will also make you more susceptible to other health concerns and problems.

Genes and Family History

The tendency to be overweight and struggle with obesity can at times run in families. Your chances of being overweight are greater if one or both of your parents are overweight or obese-largely due to genetics and learned behaviors as a child.

Health Conditions

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Some health and hormone problems may lead to someone being overweight or make it more likely that someone may struggle with obesity. Certain physical conditions can limit the basic movements a person can do, meaning being sedentary and at risk for major weight issues.


Certain medicines can also make someone more likely to struggle with gaining weight. Other medications and therapies can reduce the body’s ability to burn calories or make the body more prone to retain fat cells. This can lead to weight gain and having a hard time losing weight.

Emotional Factors

Some people have a tendency to eat more than usual during times of certain emotional triggers such as when they’re bored, angry, or stressed. This may not seem like a big deal at the time, but mindless snacking is one of the biggest sources of excess calories in people’s diets today.


People today no longer seem to know or understand the concept or portion size. People eat far too much too often and that is a major contributor to the obesity epidemic. Only 2,000-2,500 calories a day is recommended but you may be getting 4,000+ due to large portions.


Some people gain weight when they stop smoking. This is often because instead of smoking, people pick up the habit of eating or drinking to distract themselves from how badly they want to smoke. This can be frustrating but it is better in the long run than smoking.


The older we get the less active we become and the less muscle mass we have. Smaller muscles mean less calories are burned and calorie intake needs to be cut back to accommodate that drop off. Mid-life weight gain may be connected to menopause and testosterone level changes.

Lack of Sleep

The final dominating reason why so many people seem to struggle with excess weight is that they are not getting enough sleep. Research into this has shown that a lack of sleep does boost the chance of weight gain, though researchers are learning how deep this connection goes.


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Kentucky weight loss doctor

provides constructive advice on how to lose belly fat fast. To consult with this highly experienced physician, visit the related website at


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