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One of the biggest causes for people being overweight and struggling with obesity is an imbalance of energy. When the same amount of energy goes in and goes out, your weight stays the same. If you take in more energy than you put out, you will gain weight. And if the energy going into your body is less than the energy you are putting out, then weight loss is the result. Obesity happens over time when you take in more calories than you use day after day.

Visiting an all-natural weight loss doctor Kentucky may be the step you need to talk to overcome weight loss obstacles in your life that may include:

Inactive Lifestyle

People who are inactive tend to gain weight because it is so easy to put in more calories than they burn, and all unused calories get turned into fat and stored in your body. An inactive lifestyle will also make you more susceptible to other health concerns and problems.

Genes and Family History

The tendency to be overweight and struggle with obesity can at times run in families. Your chances of being overweight are greater if one or both of your parents are overweight or obese-largely due to genetics and learned behaviors as a child.

Health Conditions


Some health and hormone problems may lead to someone being overweight or make it more likely that someone may struggle with obesity. Certain physical conditions can limit the basic movements a person can do, meaning being sedentary and at risk for major weight issues.


Certain medicines can also make someone more likely to struggle with gaining weight. Other medications and therapies can reduce the body’s ability to burn calories or make the body more prone to retain fat cells. This can lead to weight gain and having a hard time losing weight.

Emotional Factors

Some people have a tendency to eat more than usual during times of certain emotional triggers such as when they’re bored, angry, or stressed. This may not seem like a big deal at the time, but mindless snacking is one of the biggest sources of excess calories in people’s diets today.


People today no longer seem to know or understand the concept or portion size. People eat far too much too often and that is a major contributor to the obesity epidemic. Only 2,000-2,500 calories a day is recommended but you may be getting 4,000+ due to large portions.


Some people gain weight when they stop smoking. This is often because instead of smoking, people pick up the habit of eating or drinking to distract themselves from how badly they want to smoke. This can be frustrating but it is better in the long run than smoking.


The older we get the less active we become and the less muscle mass we have. Smaller muscles mean less calories are burned and calorie intake needs to be cut back to accommodate that drop off. Mid-life weight gain may be connected to menopause and testosterone level changes.

Lack of Sleep

The final dominating reason why so many people seem to struggle with excess weight is that they are not getting enough sleep. Research into this has shown that a lack of sleep does boost the chance of weight gain, though researchers are learning how deep this connection goes.


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