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The Uses Of Granite Stone For Construction Purpose

Granite is turning out to be the most utilized natural stone in construction; it is used in constructing slabs, flooring, countertops, etc. those seeking to build a house are quite familiar with granite and it special properties.

As compared to other tiles Granite tiles & Granite floor tiles are considered a better option. Today you can find an Indian Granite Supplier onlineproviding you the best quality Granite at affordable ranges. Granite Stone Exporters and Granite Manufacturers in India export top quality natural stones to customers round the world.

Analyzing the physical properties of granite, its texture is grainy and comes is many colors including peachy pink and dull gray. It is porous, however this does not mean that granite stone is very hard to clean, you can seal granite layer using a ‘sealer’; this factor makes granite surface popular in kitchen as a result granite slabs as well as kitchen counterparts are quite popular. Granite is not scratched easily thus you do not need to worry about knifes scratching your granite surface.

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Granite is regarded as igneous rock; it is quite durable and as a result it is used widely in various domains. Granite rock is quite resistant to heat and has good stress bearing abilities. Moreover the patterns and designs granite comes in are very elegant and pleasing colors.

The various forms in which granite comes in are:

Building Stone: Granite can be utilized as a major building material for the construction of houses as well as buildings. This use of granite is because it has a hard texture and high durability; granite forms the basis as a major construction material in the modern day homes. Large number of Granite Supplier are available you can search the same online by typing “Granite Stone Exporters” and “Granite Manufacturers”.

Countertops: The granite countertops are preferred mainly because of their look and elegance. The existence of granite countertops can brighten up your kitchen or room and lift up the home appearance.

Paving Stone: Granite nowadays is becoming popular as a good quality paving stone material. Granite is used widely in building walkways, drives ways, etc.

Floor Tiles & Wall PanelsGranite Stone Exporters facilitate granite for adorning the look of bathrooms as well as kitchens. These granite floor tiles can lift up the appearance of any dull looking bathroom or kitchen.

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Alex John works with Akar Marble Industries that exports exclusive range of Granite, Slate stone, sandstone slabs, Bidasar, Stone Fire Place, Quartzite, natural stone flooring. Akar Marble Industries is a famous Granite Stone Exporters and Natural Stones Suppliers.Author: Alex John

Dehydrated Potato: What You Don’t Know Can Actually Harm You

By Wade Robins

Dehydrated potatoes are actually the same as instant potatoes, and this latter term is probably more familiar to you. If you are like thousands of other Americans, you buy dehydrated potatoes on a regular basis and frequently use them in your cooking.

Think about how many times you have gone to the local grocery store to buy dehydrated potatoes. Once a week? Twice a month? In those times that you have picked up a pack that says “Instant Potatoes,” have you ever checked the package for the list of ingredients contained in the pack? The next time you go out to buy your favorite brand of dehydrated potatoes, you should try taking a look at the list of ingredients. You might be in for a shock.

Actually, we have done that to one of the cheaper brands of dehydrated products – check out its ingredients, that is. We went to our local Aldi’s and grabbed a box of “Great Value Instant Potatoes.” You would expect the package to contain potatoes, and nothing else right? After all, it’s just instant potatoes, so what else should be in there?

Here is a list of the ingredients that are actually included in the pack of dehydrated potatoes:

– potato (you would really be shocked if this was not included)

– monocerides (these are fats)

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– diglycerides (another kind of fats)

– sodium acid pyrophosphate (this is actually a chemical used in electroplating)

– sodium metabisulfate (this chemical is used with antioxidants)

– citric acid (a weak acid used for flavoring)

– BHT or butylated hydroxytoluene (a fat and oil antioxidant that has been quite controversial in the food-processing industry)

Out of all these listed ingredients, the only one that actually has business being in a pack of dehydrated potatoes is the potato itself. So what are all the other stuff doing in there? Just seeing the amount of chemicals involved in making dehydrated potatoes will make you want to think twice about buying them again.

You do have the option of making your own dehydrated potatoes. You can be sure that there are no harmful chemicals added, and you can even have a good time making them. The process is fairly simple, and you can turn it into a fun activity for the whole family, especially if you have kids around. For more info see

on Dehydrated Mushroom.

When making dehydrated potatoes at home, just follow these simple steps:

1. Cut your potatoes into thin slices.

2. Place them in a warm oven.

3. Keep turning them until they become crispy and dry.

4. Mash them into powder and store them in airtight containers.

You can ask your kids to help you in this last part. Just make sure that everything is orderly so you won’t have to clean up too much afterwards.

About the Author: You can also find more info on

Dehydrated Food Recipe


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Wacky (But Cute) Furniture For The Tween’s Bedroom

By Alyssa Davis

Decorating the room of a ‘tween’ can be tons of fun. The average tween, if any tween can be called average, has many different interests. (In case you aren’t familiar with the term ‘tween’, this is a new word that has surfaced in recent years that refers to 9-12 year olds – those who are not yet a teen but no longer a little kid, they are in between two stages in life). Let’s look at some wacky but cute ideas for furnishing the tween’s bedroom in true tween style.

Old Furniture Repurposed

Old furniture cluttering up the basement or attic may just find its real purpose in the tween bedroom. Take a close look at your old furniture and see if you have items that can be repurposed for use by your tween. Sometimes some new paint, cushions, or a slipcover in a fun pattern or funky color is all that is required to breathe new life into old furniture and add style to the tween bedroom. Flea markets and garage or tag sales are also wonderful places that you might find furniture that can be redone and restyled for the tween bedroom.

Neat Storage

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You can bring a fun element to the tween’s bedroom with plastic egg crates that are available at any big box retailer. These can prove very useful for storing items like shoes, CDs, games, and more, but if you flip them upside-down and add a fun fabric cushion, they instantly transform into fabulous impromptu seating. Stacked on their sides, they become a very colorful bookshelf.

Desk from Filing Cabinets

A fun desk option for your tween bedroom can be crafted using two old filing cabinets and a piece of plywood (or an old wood door). Place the cabinets against the wall, leaving adequate space in between them for a desk chair. Then, lay the plywood or door across them. If the cabinets are wooden, you might screw the door to their top, or use wood glue to affix them securely. The outcome is a really fun desk that can then be decorated or painted as your tween desires.

Wacky Headboards

An upholstered headboard can bring a fun and wacky look to the tween’s bedroom. To craft yours, just cut out a shape from plywood that fits behind the tween’s bed. Have fun with it, be creative. Next, using spray adhesive, attach a batting sheet to the wood, and then cover the headboard with funky, wacky, or extravagant fabric. Staple the fabric to the headboard and then attach it to your bed’s frame using screws.


A simple table or desk can be repurposed into a vanity for your tween. Simply paint to your liking and hang a fun, wacky, or elaborate mirror behind it. You might even choose to give her the movie-star treatment by hanging up small round vanity lights around the mirror to give the vanity the look of her favorite star’s dressing room.

About the Author: Alyssa Davis is a staff writer and decorating specialist with and she offers stylish suggestions for decorating with jazz music metal wall art and sport metal wall art.


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How To Tell If A Tiffany Lamp Is Authentic

By Robert Lerch

People use the phrase Tiffany lamp often to refer to any leaded glass lamp. An authentic Tiffany lamp is a lamp that was made by Louis Comfort Tiffany, who was the son of the man who founded Tiffany and Company, the famous store in New York on 57th street. Tiffany who initially began his artistic career as a painter, became interested in creating fine decorative arts, which he produced in his factories starting in the late 1880’s. Tiffany is most commonly associated with the leaded decorative lamps, which he produced, however he additionally made fine bronze pieces including desk sets, candlesticks, glass mosaics and leaded glass windows for commercial and residential use. Because Tiffany’s lamps bring very high prices, it is important to understand some basics about the lamps. There are several different types of lamps that were made by Tiffany. He produced leaded glass lamps in both floral and geometric patterns, including floor lamps, table lamps and chandeliers. The leaded lamps were initially made with glass that was not made by Tiffany. As his business evolved he started producing his own glass which was of superior quality and innovative. The lamps were Tiffanys’s most successful commercial venture. The value of individual lamps are based on model type and quality of glass.

Simple lamps like an acorn are much less valuable than complex forms like dragonfly’s or wisteria. Currently there is much more interest in floral lamps than geometric lamps. Prices for florals are much higher. Size does matter. In general the larger the lamp the greater the price: particularly for the same form. A twenty inch dragonfly is worth more than an eighteen inch one. Even in the later periods of production he often used commercial glass produced by Kokomo Glass Co. Lamps with more “studio” glass are generally worth more. Some of the special glass that Tiffany Created included mottled glass with cloud like patches of dark and light areas, dichroic glass which lit up a different color than when unlit, confetti or fracture glass, turtleback tiles which are iridescent thick pieces of glass that came in greens ,blues and reds and many different forms of glass jewels. Many Tiffany lamp shades are signed, but many are not signed, so the lack of a signature does not mean the lamp is not real.

The Tiffany lamp bases are very heavy and made of bronze. The bases are signed Tiffany Studios New York and have a model number which is unique to the specific style of lamp. He produced over 300 different lamp bases. When studying any lamp base attributed to Tiffany you will find the quality of the casting and detail almost unparalleled by any other lamp manufacturer.

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When buying a Tiffany lamp it is important to know who you are purchasing it from. Because lamp restoration and even forgery has become so sophisticated, it serves a new collector well to buy from a well known dealer. While you will pay more from a recognized expert, this protection from buying heavily restored lamps or reproductions, is well worth the additional costs. Many lamp buyers assume that if a lamp is being sold at a nationally known auction house, it can be assumed that the lamp is without problems. Unfortunately this is not the case and one should proceed with great caution when buying at auctions unless you are a seasoned collector or a willing to hire an expert to evaluate lamps for you, which in most cases is the prudent course.

Dr. Robert Lerch

About the Author: I am a nationally known collector of antiques including Tiffany studios, bakelite, stained glass. My collections have been published in Architectural Digest, and several books. Dr. Robert Lerch


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