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Wacky (But Cute) Furniture For The Tween’s Bedroom

By Alyssa Davis

Decorating the room of a ‘tween’ can be tons of fun. The average tween, if any tween can be called average, has many different interests. (In case you aren’t familiar with the term ‘tween’, this is a new word that has surfaced in recent years that refers to 9-12 year olds – those who are not yet a teen but no longer a little kid, they are in between two stages in life). Let’s look at some wacky but cute ideas for furnishing the tween’s bedroom in true tween style.

Old Furniture Repurposed

Old furniture cluttering up the basement or attic may just find its real purpose in the tween bedroom. Take a close look at your old furniture and see if you have items that can be repurposed for use by your tween. Sometimes some new paint, cushions, or a slipcover in a fun pattern or funky color is all that is required to breathe new life into old furniture and add style to the tween bedroom. Flea markets and garage or tag sales are also wonderful places that you might find furniture that can be redone and restyled for the tween bedroom.

Neat Storage

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You can bring a fun element to the tween’s bedroom with plastic egg crates that are available at any big box retailer. These can prove very useful for storing items like shoes, CDs, games, and more, but if you flip them upside-down and add a fun fabric cushion, they instantly transform into fabulous impromptu seating. Stacked on their sides, they become a very colorful bookshelf.

Desk from Filing Cabinets

A fun desk option for your tween bedroom can be crafted using two old filing cabinets and a piece of plywood (or an old wood door). Place the cabinets against the wall, leaving adequate space in between them for a desk chair. Then, lay the plywood or door across them. If the cabinets are wooden, you might screw the door to their top, or use wood glue to affix them securely. The outcome is a really fun desk that can then be decorated or painted as your tween desires.

Wacky Headboards

An upholstered headboard can bring a fun and wacky look to the tween’s bedroom. To craft yours, just cut out a shape from plywood that fits behind the tween’s bed. Have fun with it, be creative. Next, using spray adhesive, attach a batting sheet to the wood, and then cover the headboard with funky, wacky, or extravagant fabric. Staple the fabric to the headboard and then attach it to your bed’s frame using screws.


A simple table or desk can be repurposed into a vanity for your tween. Simply paint to your liking and hang a fun, wacky, or elaborate mirror behind it. You might even choose to give her the movie-star treatment by hanging up small round vanity lights around the mirror to give the vanity the look of her favorite star’s dressing room.

About the Author: Alyssa Davis is a staff writer and decorating specialist with and she offers stylish suggestions for decorating with jazz music metal wall art and sport metal wall art.


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